Feeding program customization

1. Feeding configuration customization:
Provide customers with exclusive feeding program customization services, feeding configuration design according to customer needs.

If the number of cows of the customer is 6000, when the dairy cows are calculated by 55%, the number of 6000*0.55=3300, and the number of other cows is 2700. Daily feed intake per cow for dairy cows: 45Kg/ head, a total of 3300*45=148.5 tons; daily feed intake for other cattle is 23kg/ head, 2700*23=62.1 tons.

The total daily feeding amount was 210.6 tons. The feeding frequency is fed 3 times per day, and the feeding quantity of each feeding frequency is about 70.2 tons.
Feeding program Case:

Tulip fixed total mixed ration TMR preparation machine 24 cubic meters, 2 sets.

About 5 cars are stirred per TMR per shift, and a total of 15 cars are stirred per TMR per day. Each TMR stirring 7-8 tons, a working time of about 30-40 minutes,The working time of each car is about 8 hours per day.(* The specific data is based on the pasture formula.)


2, feed management program customization:

TMR tracker is a multi-functional window-based feed management system that provides farmers with a total solution to manage feed, improve efficiency and increase production.
Feed ingredients, formulas, production groups and feed mixer information can be entered by computer. Sending information to the indicator in the cab or feed mixer can be done using Data Link(wireless) or a USB stick. The composition, weight, and message of the corresponding group can be displayed. The actual weight during feeding can be stored and sent back to the computer.


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